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Bamberg Locksets is our brand of providing quality lifestyle residential door locksets and door accessories to satisfy end-user needs for both security and convenience. Bamberg is a favorite among developers, home builders, luxury hotel and contractors.

Bamberg works well together with our large and small partners geographically to build solid distribution networks, because we see every single distributor is important to us.

We always believe quality products and professional service can reward loyalty. At Bamberg, we are 100% committed to create high quality lifestyle door locksets with the right price for your home.



About Us

In the 1979, the factory was founded by 2 founders and with the basic concept that “we would manufacture high quality locksets products at competitive prices.”

In 2000s, we continue to grow and obtained ISO 9001 and our products offer Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, and comply with ANSI Grade 2 and Grade 3. Bamberg is committed to offering a wide range of door locksets from Premium Series to Economy-oriented Series. Bamberg continues to distribute products throughout the world as a reliable and efficient source of residential locksets and hardware for families.

With Bamberg, you’ll find the right door locksets that you need for your home.

Where does "Bamberg" come from?

Bamberg is a city built on seven hills in Upper Franconia, Germany. Each hill is crowned with a church or a castle. It was the capital of a powerful ecclesiastical state from 1007 to 1802.

Bamberg is an remarkable and representative example of a city of the early Middle Ages in Central Europe because both its basic structure of the city and the large number of religious and secular buildings remained untouched and well preserved through the World War II. The town centre is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.


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